About The Work

I return to nature again and again to find my fullest self.

I make art for the same reason!

While man's relationship with the natural world can sometimes be destructive, our desire to be in nature, and to derive pleasure from natural spaces, speaks to a greater symbiosis.

I am especially captivated by the singular moment when individuals interact with their world through different forms of play -- hiking, skiing, fly-fishing, etc.

My current body of work relies heavily on photography, which lends itself well to my study of contradictions.  The very act of taking a photograph emphasizes our need to capture, define, and hold onto a singular moment in time, even as the finished product is merely a reminder of a moment long gone.  To create detailed drawings, I choose one or two elements of each photograph to isolate, accentuate, and transpose into an imagined yet believable space.  I want my viewers to experience the finished piece as if they are in two places at once -- both near and distant -- and to feel that they are accelerating while standing still.

Lone figures, whether they be human figures or objects depicted in a human way, are the focus of most of my pieces because of the solitary nature of every living being’s journey on earth. The human body is of great interest to me as well, as a means of experience and expression.  My figures are contemplative, introspective, active, and strong.

They fly.

They dance!

The ultimate goal of my work is to explore the serene peace and exuberant joy that living in nature can provide.